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Quietly I Come

Quietly I stand and take in God’s creation. So filled with beauty is the heaven and ocean. Chilling my feet in the sand and the waves Admiring the sun setting once again Until the day and my spirit lay down in peace.

Quietly I walk along this path alone. So delicate is the choice between sorry and joy. Breathing in the fullness of God Breathing out the turmoil that fills my soul. Until at last I am clean.

Quietly I talk with God and He with me. So gentle is this dialogue between creator and child. Bending His ear to hear my whispers, Smiling as I confess what He knows. Until my burden is lifted.

Quietly I kneel at the cross all alone. So, it’s only me looking into the face of Jesus. And I see only love. Broken and stripped, He gave His life for me. Gentle and loving, He gave His love freely in death. Until heaven bound, He rose to prepare a home for me.

Quietly I lift my hands in praise. So confident of the love of God, I am filled with a joyful heart. Leaving behind fear, anger and hurt Taking up peace, joy, and forgiveness Until the healing is complete.

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