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Passionate About Encouraging Others

A follower of Christ.  Christian author and speaker.  Wife, mother and grandmother.  All key facts about who I am, and yet I'm so much more.  Many notice my smile first or laughter.  I'm outgoing, dedicated friend, playful and always ready to meet others.  I've been blessed with a loving family and friends who keep me focused on God and come along side when I've been in need.  My journey has been blessed, difficult, joyful and painful.  From this I know the need for others to feel loved, find hope and be encouraged.  How did I get here...

Jesus Freak…

A phrase first coined in the '70s and I was one of them.  Bible toting, Jesus loving, Young Lifer.  That was my life in high school after I accepted Christ as my savior.  Young Life club meetings, campaigners (bible study), Woodleaf camp and work crews.  My life was changed forever by the love and teaching of Jesus Christ. 

Hungry for the Word of God…

From Young Life in-depth teachings in high school to decades of great speakers, pastors and personal study, God’s Word has fed me, guided me, comforted me and brought me such joy and love.  I can’t deny there has been dry spells when my faith was weak, but never did my Lord and Savior leave me.  His Word has been the source of drawing me closer to Him day by day. 

Talk, talk, talk…

My children are right…I will talk to anyone, any time, about anything.  There’s no surprise that my 30+ year career path led me to a career in communication and health care. Along my journey, talking has been the avenue of sharing the gospel and Word of God from bible studies with high school girls and adults, youth group talks and mentoring.  My career has developed my skills through teaching large groups, building teams, customer service, diversity, culminating into working as a consultant.  What’s Next?  Following God’s calling to further my service as a Women’s Christian Speaker.

The Unexpected Gift…

For a person who struggled with reading and writing all through school, I found the love of reading later in life.  God has an amazing way of taking the unskilled (me) and providing the skills to do His work.  My job…be obedient.  Out of a heart of surrender and seeking His will, I was given the beautiful gift of being God’s tool.  With pen and paper in hand, a devotional(In the Shadow of His Wings) and many other writings were given to me.  Such a beautiful gift to give away. 

Certifications / Awards
  • Toastmasters - Advanced Communicator Silver 

  • Toastmasters - Competent Leadership 

  • Toastmasters - member for 10 years

  • Author - In the Shadow of His Wings 30-day devotional

  • 30+ years leadership and business experience

  • Business speaker, teacher, mentor

  • Consultant 

  • Youth Leader speaker and bible study teacher

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