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The Door is Always Open

Do you have a home that you can go to and know the door is always open to you? Be it a friend or family. Or someone who will always make time for you? Or someone you thrive from your time together? What a treasure you have if you said yes. That was my mom’s home. Her door was always open, and a welcome smile greeted me. In fact, she was always at the ready to welcome me in. She hungered for our time together, as much as I did.

Our time with our heavenly father is that and so much more. The door is always open and He waits expectantly for each of us to come in and sit awhile.

“Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually. Psalm 105:4

Look to Him. Seek His presence in your life. Not just when we have time or a brief moment. But always…continually. Why? This is where we find our strength. Know His love. A place where we belong. A time to tell Him what’s on our heart; what happened today; what we are struggling with or worried about. A place to sit quietly and listen to wisdom and seek His direction.

Sounds like home to me…only better. As I seek His presence continually, I know the door is always open. As if He is saying, “Welcome, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Father, your presence is what I need every day, all day long. Thank you for welcoming me into your presence and always having your door open.

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