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Surrender to the Master's hands

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Isaiah 64:8 Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter, we are all the work of your hand.

Over and over again the clay is pushed and folded and pushed again. Kneading the clay until it’s smooth and air bubbles are gone. Clad in my overalls, hair pulled back, I sit down, legs straddling the wheel in front of me. Ready to begin. The ball of clay is slapped down in the center of the wheel. With hands wet, I start kicking the lower wheel. Faster and faster as my hands cup the clay. Gently, I push on the clay to center it. With care and strength, I feel the ball molding to my hands. Keeping my hands wet, I begin to raise the clay with my hands, shaping the clay into the height I envision. Next, my hands force down into the middle of the clay to open-up the vessel. Pulling back to open further. All the while, gently reminding the clay of the design it’s to become. From time to time, I feel it pushing back – out of balance. If needed, I bring it back down and restart the shape. This is my precious vessel…to know the potential and watch it unfold before me. Through my hands, a beautiful pot is formed. Nothing has felt so exhilarating as seeing my creation.

The Potter’s hands.

The Master’s hands. Taking my life into His loving hands, God makes me into the person He knows I should be. The journey from a lump of clay to the vessel He has designed for me is different than the pot I created. My journey in the Master’s hands is one of surrender and never-ending. Through the years, I’ve been gently held and reshaped when a gentle touch was needed. When my unruly strong will wanted my way, the Master pulled me back with His strong hands until I was reminded of my purpose in His will. All the while, I’ve known the potter, my Master, loved me and only wanted the bring out the best from this little lump of clay. My role – to surrender to the Master’s hands.

I am the clay.

You are the potter, God.

I am the work of your hand.

God, I surrender my life to you so I may be yours. May your will be done in my life as you make me, mold me, shape me and use me. Take me in your loving hands. I’m yours.

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