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Rejoice…squeal like a child!

Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again. Rejoice! Philippians 4:4 NIV

Rejoice! Do you know who does this best? Children! They rejoice at the top of their lungs and with their whole body and face. As adults, we smile, chuckle and occasionally laugh out loud. How quickly we gave up rejoicing as a child does. They get it.

The other day my granddaughter squealed so loud when she saw me on the phone, running around the room so excited. Now that’s rejoicing. The joy in a child comes out uninhibited, full strength and freely given. On this nice spring day, with windows open, I’ve heard the children across the street at the park laughing and squealing in their play. What a joyous sound!!

Rejoice in the Lord always. What’s stopping you from rejoicing? Come on…start with a smile. Think of a time Jesus was there for you. A verse that gave you hope. Close your eyes and search your heart. Jesus has filled you with His love. Yes! Smile, laugh out loud, dance in the Spirit. You have something to REJOICE about! God loves YOU! Get up out of your chair and shout it to the world. I am loved by the God of heaven and earth! He is always there for me. Rejoice in Him. Come to Him as a child…arms opened wide, squealing and laughing…rejoicing in the Lord!

Lord Jesus. I praise you as my Lord. The one who fills me with your joy!


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