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Prepare A Place

Do you have a place for you and Jesus to sit alone together and chat?

Most will say no. That was me several years ago. I would sit down for time with Him and not sure where my Bible was or notebook or pen or other references. Time wasted, then time was up. Back to life! I’ll try again tomorrow.

A place for my time with Jesus grew out of need for me to have quality time with Him, not just a passing relationship.

Here are some things to do:  Find a comfy chair to call your own. Just yours…and own it. Soon everyone will know that it is your special place.  Find the right room for your quiet place. No excuses. Your time with God is important for you and for everyone in your family.  Everything you need is within reach. Just like your kitchen, desk at work, closet. Set up a basket full of quiet time essentials: Bibles, references, devotionals, journals, pens, comfy throw, etc. You get the idea.

My place has grown and changed over the years. A second space was added a few years ago too. My husband asked to sit with me – each to our own quiet reflections with Jesus. Now we do morning devotions together and start our day in prayer together.

What a blessing to see how God grows our time with Him.

Lead your family by demonstrating the importance of a Place Prepared for Time with Jesus.

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