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In Search of Indie – 2019 Episode 7

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

The Bookery (Placerville, CA)

Two friends, one bookstore, 35 years in business. Not too many people can say that. Could you be in business with your best friend? Bringing together two friends who have a love for books and the right location, you’ll find The Bookery. Looks can be deceiving as you first enter this used book store. I thought it was quite small. Wandering from one aisle to another, I finally reached the back of the store. But wait…there is more as you go through a narrow aisle to a whole new side. Oh my! You could get lost in your search for anything and everything you could imagine. As I explored the many section titles, I noticed a father and 4 children. They were on a treasure hunt and taking their time to find the right book to bring home. The love of reading was evident.

At The Bookery, you could get lost for hours and find that special book that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. Enjoy the hunt.

Used or New book store. Which do you prefer?

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