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God of Peace

For God is not a God of disorder but of peace…. I Corinthians 14:33

I woke up early this morning and picked up my phone to look at Facebook posts. I reviewed some posts and decided to try to go back to sleep. Only that was difficult because I felt very unsettled. I had just taken my emotions on a very difficult journey. From reading family updates, to dancing baby goats, to political attacks, to laughing babies, to mean and angry and unforgiving catch phrases, back to pictures of butterflies. No wonder I’m unsettled. We were not created to process so many waring emotions in such a short time. And Satan knows this. He will do anything to pull us away from the peace that comes from God. This emotional roller coaster can be very addictive…we keep reading in hopes of finding the good, the happy ending. Then we realize how much time we’ve lost. And still feel unsettled.

Turn to God and let Him lift your spirit and give you His peace.

God, thank you that I can find peace in you. Help me to keep my heart and mind seeking you. In this crazy time of disorder, I can find truth in you and find peace.

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