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Finding moments

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Quiet time. Where do I find time in my busy, busy day for quiet time? Quiet Time is a choice, not a requirement. No rules. No “how to be a perfect Christian” program. Quiet Time is about taking a moment to “be still and know God.” These moments can be any time in the day or throughout the day.

As I wrote this devotion, my quiet time was listening to the ocean and taking in the majesty of the Pacific coast. Some days its snuggled in my den surrounded by devotionals and my bible to choose from. Some days are full of prayers. Others is quick devotion that speaks to my heart. Then there are times of delving into God’s Word and I cannot get away.

Take a moment now. Quiet your mind and feel the presence of God. Tell Him what is on your heart. That my friend is a quiet time – a moment with your God.

Now do it again tomorrow.

Let it grow to what God wants with you.


Be blessed!

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