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Books, booksellers and Indie Bookstores…so much history.

Did you know that the first library was established in 300 BC? The Alexandrian Library. Followed closely with the Athenian booksellers. Authors have had much to say for many, many centuries, and the reader has been seeking that knowledge. Not much has changed over time, authors promote their books to the booksellers, hold book launches and engage the reader with exciting author discussions.

I found two sources who have different opinions of the oldest bookstore. The first states the Librairie Nouvelle d’Orleans was opened in 1545 in France (according to Wikipedia). Portugal boasts having the oldest bookstore still in operation, the Bertrand Chiado est 1732 (2011 Guiness Book), and known for great political and literary discussions. I’m amazed at these bookstores that they have endured the changes that comes with time, established a foundational place in their society and kept up with the needs of the reader. Yes…you can find them both with a facebook page.

The bookselling business has done one thing for these many years…engaged the reader to want to own a book…and they’ve done it very well. And despite the eBook experience, readers are still in search of the next book to own, hold, read, enjoy and share with others.

Next time you pass by an Indie Bookstore, open the doors, come in and browse the aisles. You will be a part of the history of that store. Who knows? Maybe your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be carrying on the history for your family and making that bookstore their favorite place to shop for that special book.

Pssst…I’ll let you know when I find the oldest bookstore in California. Let me know if you think you know the answer. My next In Search of Indie trip is in April with a trip to Southern California. More Indie Bookstore reviews coming your way.

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