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Because He Lives

Easter. In 1971, I celebrated my first real Easter. Oh…I had the pretty dresses and an Easter basket as all kids had then. But you see, I had become a Christian a few months earlier, and this was my first Easter to celebrate what Jesus did for me. For ME!

I had never heard the whole story of Jesus until high school when a Young Life leader came into my life and started teaching me what the Bible said about Jesus. How did I go that long without hearing that Jesus loved me, He died for my sins and I could have new life in Him? This was the answer to what was missing in my life all those years. I knew there had to be something more to my life. And I found it.

There was so much more for me to learn. In Bible studies, I learned how to read the Bible and I was shown that I could pray personally with God. I found a friendship in my relationship with God. I was so excited that I wanted to share this Good News with everyone.

How precious to remember this “first love”, my first moments of discovering a love that surpassed all understanding, His unconditional love.

Because He lives, I have a wonderful story to share with you. It’s simple. Jesus loves me and you!

Because death did not keep Jesus…Because He rose from the grave….Because He lives today…I can say without a doubt that I have new life in Him today until I have eternity with Him in heaven.

It’s not always easy to share the Good News. As the first disciples boldly stepped forward to share this Good News on the day of Pentecost, I recall their initial fear after Jesus’ death. As Paul spoke with confidence to both the Jews and Gentiles that Jesus was the Messiah, the way to new life, I recall that Saul (before he became Paul) was compelled to wipe out all Christians and put an end to what Jesus came to do. As I write this devotional and share Jesus’ love, I recall years of hesitancy to share what I knew about Jesus.

God spoke to Paul in a vision. Act 18:9-11. “…Do not be afraid; keep on speaking; do not be silent. For I am with you…Paul stayed…teaching them the Word of God”.

The early ministry of the disciples and Paul sounded like this in the book of Acts. Acts 2:11 “…declaring the wonders of God…” Acts 4:20 “…as for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard…” Acts 4:31 “…spoke the Word of God boldly.” Acts 5:42 “…never stopped teaching and proclaiming the Good News that Jesus is the Messiah.” Acts 8:4 “…preached the Word wherever they went.” Acts 14:15 “…bringing you Good News”

Sharing the message of Jesus’ love and grace is not just for those times.

Because He Lives, we have a message to share, an opportunity to give the gift of God’s love and new life in Him.

As the song goes… Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know He holds the future and life is worth the living just because He lives.

Because He lives, share with someone what Easter is all about. Share the Good News. You may be telling someone for the first time that Easter is about the greatest gift of all…God’s love. I’ll always be thankful that someone loved me enough to tell me about Jesus.

Jesus, Thank you for loving me so much that you gave your life as a sacrifice that I can be forgiven and can have new life in you. Every day, I say Yes. I want that life with you. Help me to share this gift with others.

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