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Advent Sunday Devotion: Joseph - I am a Believer

From the lineage of Abraham to David to Christ was a righteous man named Joseph. He was the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus (Matthew 1:16).

Joseph, a Jewish carpenter of Nazareth, was a follower of the law and believed in His God. As a man of the community, he was known as a righteous man. He was also betrothed, probably for many years, to Mary, a young girl. As Joseph waited for the time to take her as his wife, Mary brought him news that she was having a baby. A baby? How could that be? What should he do? In spite of being told the baby was of the Holy Spirit, the news was troubling. The proper thing to do for a respectable Jewish man was to protect Mary from disgrace. As he pondered what those steps would entail, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream. “Do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife.” Matthew 1:20…confirmation of Mary’s story, fulfillment of prophecy. He was going to have a son and name him Jesus. And so he believed and took Mary as his wife. With belief, came obedience.

Jesus, Joseph’s son, was foretold as savior of His people from their sins. Immanuel, God with us. But for now…Jesus was Joseph’s little baby, his son. In need of love and protection. Wrapped in the love of his mother’s arms. As a family, visitors came from near and far. Shepherds gathered. Angels declared His glory and magi came to worship and bring gifts. Yet evil was brewing in the form of a jealous king, King Herod, searching to prevent the reign of the “King of the Jews” before the baby could reach that potential. Joseph, protector of his family, heard from an angel in a dream, “Arise and take the Child and his mother, and flee from Egypt.” Matthew 2:13. Joseph…believed. With belief came obedience. He arose and took them to Egypt and waited as instructed until King Herod died. Prophesy fulfilled. And again, an angel of the Lord appeared in a dream to instruct Joseph to return to the land of Israel. So the journey of belief and obedience continued. Joseph knew danger still existed for his family, and he was once again instructed by God in a dream to depart from Galilee. There in Nazareth, Joseph established a home for his family…for Jesus.

Not an easy journey from Nazareth with a pregnant wife to Bethlehem, to Egypt with a toddler, and back to Nazareth with his family.

Joseph, a man of faith, trusted his God. He sought God’s direction. He listened to God, and he obeyed. He was a believer in his Lord, his God.

Joseph was just a person, like you and I. A man who believed and trusted in God. Today as you look at where you are in your walk with God, are you listening to God’s wisdom and direction? Are you ready to take that step of faith, believe and follow Him to where ever He wants you to be? Joseph believed and followed God and so can you.

Believe in God.

God, I lay before you my plans…all of them. I seek your direction in my life. Speak to me now and help me in my unbelief. Help me to give up being in control of all things. Receiving and living in your plans are the blessings in my life. May I be a better listener and believer, so I can be obedient to your will in my life. God…I trust in you and believe. .

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